• A photo of Bannerman Island and Castle in the Hudson River, off Beacon, New York.
    Haunted Places

    Bannerman Castle

    In Washington Irving’s short story The Storm-Ship, this small island marks the northern end of the domain of The Heer of Dunderberg, a Dutch goblin king who vexed many a sailing ship on its passage through the Hudson Highlands. Back then it was known as Pollepel, and still is, on navigational charts.  The island was the site of a small fortification during the American Revolution (nothing remains today) and was the eastern terminus of a a chévaux-de-frise that the Americans intended to obstruct the river. It turned out the muddy bottom and tides were a bit more complicated than anticipated, and the first British ships to attempt the passage sailed over the…

  • An historic postcard of Kidd Rock on the shore of the Hudson River in Kingsland Point Park, Sleepy Hollow, New York.
    Pirates of the Hudson

    Kidd’s Rock

    Legend has it this massive boulder was a meeting place for Frederick Philipse, lord of a 52,000 acre manor on the shores of the Hudson River, and the notorious pirate Captain Kidd. Piracy would have been a huge issue for Philipse, whose trade depended on sea routes between the Caribbean, New York, and Europe. Were Kidd and Philipse engaged in some sort of nefarious arrangement? We may never know! Among other places along the eastern seaboard, Kidd reputedly hid gold and other valuables near Dunderberg Mountain and Crow Nest in the Hudson Highlands. No treasure has been found. Or no one is admitting. Kingsland Point, today a waterfront park in…