Weird & Unexplained

The Hudson River Sea Serpent

In the world of mythical creatures, the Loch Ness monster is king of the hill–a superstar of international fame at the center of a multimillion dollar tourism industry. Nessie has staying power, too, with the beastie first sighted by St. Columba around 564 CE. Here in New York State we have a few aquatic monsters of our own.

The eastern side of the state has Champ (or Champy, depending who’s telling the tale) the gentle giant of Lake Champlain. The village of Perry in the western end of the state boasts the Silver Lake Sea Serpent. Here in Sleepy Hollow Country we’ve had our own rash of monster sightings in the Hudson River.

Sea serpent off New York City, a 1980s photomontage by photographer Alfred Gescheidt.